Sanctuary Sunday

Creating balance in more ways than one. Exploring sustainable home design, architecture, energy efficiency & outdoor living, with a smattering of  DIY & recycling ideas.

Full Circle

10 million tons of textile waste end-up in landfills each year so Coyuchi has created a circular subscription program for their linens. Learn More

Naturally Clean

Fresh Air

Tips to improve your home air quality and health, hint, natural, essential oils and indoor plants.  Learn More




Beautiful Bulk

Buying staples from the bulk section does more than eliminate unnecessary plastic packages.
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Reflection Home

Each portable ÖÖD unit is finished with mirrored and insulated privacy glass allowing it to reflect views of the surrounding environment. Learn


Kitchen Herbs

Growing an indoor herb garden can not only provide fresh flavor to your daily dishes there are several health benefits. Learn More


A Big Step Forward

New technology is disrupting markets and provides a stylish way to update your home, save money and reduce CO2. Learn More


Energy Neutral

Bring your home designs into balance.
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Home Grown

Growing your own herbs and flowers benefits bees and pollinators, a healthy way to reduce your footprint.
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Load Shifting

Use your appliances in the daytime when the sun is shining.
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Cool Mom

Your baby deserves a safe environment to grow up in. Natural cleaning supplies reduce toxins and have a smaller environmental footprint.
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Directory of Cool Companies

We can reduce our carbon footprint at home, on the road and in the air.
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Green Tower

Vertical Forests

Award-winning high rise in Milan with forested balconies improves air quality, buffer noise, absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and just look amazing. Learn More


Curated The Collection

The value of archives, beauty and memory against the new digital life can feel confusing.

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Hanging out Laundry

Hang It All Out

Italians like to let it all hang out, even their underwear is on public view on any given day but it leaves no dirty footprint in the air.  More


Warm & Cozy

We can reduce our carbon footprint and lower our heating bills with a small investment in good wool. Learn More


Bamboo Core

Bamboo Panels – Bullet Proof, Safe, Fast, Green & Strong.

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Vintage Style

Collecting hand-made and vintage items for your home gives it character and warmth...
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Passive Solar

You can collect, store, and distribute solar energy passively. Use this guide to increase your solar gain.

Bone Structure

Bone Structure

If you loved erector sets you will love these homes. Learn More




DIY flips a bright idea. Fixing, reusing, and repurposing with flair starts a conversation.

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Earth day push

Zero Waste

The plastics we toss are ending up in our water, our food and our bodies. Learn More


Energy Efficiency

What you can do to reduce your emissions and your energy costs.
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Life Changing Magic

Cleaning up your carbon footprint leads to a tidy home. Learn More


Growing a New Kind of Building.

Sequestering CO2 in construction materials is a growing trend. Learn More


Swimming in Trash

Plastic trash has created an ocean-sized problem, refuse single-use plastic. Learn More

Any good ideas you want to share?

If you have a great idea to make homes more efficient and want to share it please let us know.