Savory Saturday

 Savory Saturdays explores local, vegetarian, and vegan foods to improve both your health and the health of the planet in one yummy bite; because life should be delicious.


Mushroom Mania

Warm winter mushroom and sage fettucini. Learn More



Chia Pudding

A delicious healthy treat that is simple to make. Learn More


Hominy Harmony

Creating a harmonious life is a process of balancing and re-balancing. A good place to start is the kitchen. Learn More

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Vegan Sloppy Joe

This Joe is packed with eight punchy spices melded with black strap molasses and honey to pick up the "Tempeh".


Fruits of Passion

Celebrating flavor, color and nutritional wonders. Learn More


Oh So Berry-delicious

A hand full of berries added to your morning ritual may help keep memory sharp as you age.
Learn More

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Eat The Rainbow

The different colors in our vegetables indicate different nutrient profiles. Learn More



Italian Bruschetta

Many takes on traditional Italian Bruschetta are nutritious and flavorful. Learn More



A Real Pan Cake

Oven baked berry pan-cakes are a weekend winner. Learn More


Pad Thai

Noodling around with more than a peanut.

Learn More


A Chick & Her Pea.

Improve your health and lower the carbon footprint of your diet, Mediterranean food is a very delicious way to do it. More


Mushrooom and Pine

One skillet and your favorite mushrooms served with friends. Learn More


The Long Table

Living in Italy, I learned the importance of eating together. Throw a party and ask everyone to bring a dish of local food. Learn More


Humble Cabbage

This widely available superfood is a very good source of manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B1, folate, and copper.
Learn More

Napoli Pizza

Perfect Pizza Pie

Napoliatana Pizza was recognized by UNESCO as part of Naples important "intangible cultural heritage" for Humanity. Learn More

Food5 (1)

French Macarons

Make your own vegan macarons that taste amazing. Explore flavors like rose, almond, anise or rosemary.


Food6 (1)

Local Harvest

Fruits and nuts are as delicious as they are heart-healthy. Nuts have  Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and vitamin E. Fall fruits like pears, figs are rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Hive Hex

Mountain of Melons

Take advantage of inexpensive ripe melons at the farmers market and juice on. This is Mountain Mint and Melon. Learn More

Slow Food Movement

La Dolce Vita

What is now called the slow food movement is just how Italians eat.
Learn More



Pumpkin Pudding

We predict this vegan delight will end up on your table more than once this fall. A great way to enjoy the super health benefits from your
Jack-O-Lanterns. Learn More


Citrus Solution

Citrus may be better at fighting winter colds than packaged pills while improving your memory. Learn More

Let's Make Stone Soup Together!

Throw your ideas into the pot. Every time we talk someone out of a burger with a yummy vegan dish we make the planet cooler. Each burger is conservatively equivalent to one tank of gas.