Roasted Mushroom and Pine Nuts

Cool Hive Daily- Savory Saturday

It is amazing how satisfying a simple fair of roasted mushrooms can be. I will never forget landing in Paris and my dear friend Fiona, who owns Storie Shop on 20 Rue Delambre, immediately took me to the theater district on the other side of Edgar Quinet square to a hole in the wall restaurant,  for a plate of fresh roasted mushrooms. That is all the food they had on the menu, Mushrooms. The rest of the menu was cider and wine. Super delicious, still memorable and a game changer on the idea of eating fresh foraged food. No time to unpack, there is a mushroom harvest in town. Stop by Fiona's shop for a dive into her gallery of many handcrafted, tribal pleasures and I am sure she will also point you to the best seasonal fair available in the neighborhood. If the mushrooms and your mustache aren't trend enough, you can jazz up your personal hot iron pan of  fungus with a few toasted pine nuts and a sprinkle of parsley as is shown above. Paired with a leafy garden salad and rosy radicchio it could send you way over the top. Article by Daisy Carlson, Photo by raw pixel. Link to storieshop

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