Better for you, Better for the planet!

At Cool Hive we think we can help you reduce your carbon footprint while improving your health and the quality of your life.   Subscribe to Cool Hive Daily

Design with the whole footprint in mind. 

If we want to prevent global warming we better get to work living with less carbon today. Cool Hive explores well designed new technology and innovation that considers the footprint for tomorrow. We provide you with easy access to solutions by finding great things in the growing sustainable marketplace.

How do we live a low carbon life with style?

Cool Hive aims to find out by exploring Cool solutions.


Cool Family

Well designed solutions for generations to come.

Savory Saturday & Healthy Thursday show you Cool tips to improve the quality of your life today while building a climate safe future for your kids.  A Cool life is not only more stylish it's healthier. It saves you money, earns rewards and connects you to friends and issues that matter to you and your family.

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Cool Digs

Sanctuary Sunday explores sustainable home design. 

Discover the newest and sleekest designs for new energy efficient homes. Making our homes 25% more efficient is equivalent to getting half the cars off the road. Learn about new designs and a host of money-saving actions that can get the job done while making your life cooler.

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Cool Shopping

A new kind of retail therapy @ Market Monday & Fashion Friday
Carbon balance your shopping at the point of purchase with no additional cost to you!
Over 300 brands will donate a percentage of your purchase to reduce carbon emissions. You can also sign up for a Sierra Club credit card that invests profits into clean energy. Soon we will have a CoolCard that provides CoolHive Benefits and points for efficient purchases.

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Next Steps...

Be Cool, consider reducing your carbon footprint today. Just by reducing carbon you will reduce the over all toxic load in your life, today and for generations tomorrow.