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Carbon Farming

Storing carbon in the soils has a myriad of long-term benefits.
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Ride Share

How  Shared, Automated, Vehicles, Electrified "SAVE" the world! Learn More


Eat Your Package

Containers made from edible foods are now changing the packaging industry. Learn More


Smart Thermostats

Save on your energy bill with smart temperature controls.
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Battery Storage

Battery of Batteries

Storing solar energy for night time use that has been the challenge up until now. Learn More

Peak emissions with clean tech

Italy Peaked in 2005

A country can stay fully caffeinated while significantly reducing their carbon emissions. Learn More


Monitor Your Air

Awair monitors pollutant like CO2 inside your home.
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Stay Grounded

You can reverse your carbon emissions by investing in restoration projects. Learn More


One Big Footprint

Every bitcoin transaction uses the amount of energy as nine US homes for a day. Learn More

Feeding time in the free stall heifer barns at Brubaker Farms, which is both a diary and green energy producer in Mount Joy, PA on March 19, 2011. The family farm owned by Luke, Mike and Tony Brubaker has approximately 850 cows and 700 young stock, producing 20,200,000 pounds of milk last year. It has 13 full-time employees and more than 1,500 acres of farmland. Their methane digester was made possible with a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant that provided a cost-share of the digester purchase. It can handle more than 41,859 metric tons of organic waste, to capture methane gas that fuels a low emission generator producing 225 kW.  This powers the digester itself and farm operations. Excess power is sold to the local power grid, allowing the community to benefit from a green energy source. After producing methane, effluent from the digester is pressed to separate liquid and solid materials. The farm uses the liquids in fertilizer; and solids become the cows’ bedding for Brubaker and other local farms, that is cleaner than sawdust. The bedding saves the farm approximately $30,000 per year. Mount Joy residents can enjoy the fact that the process removes 90% of the odor from the cow manure. The methane itself is odorless and colorless. The system can accept an additional 2,600 gallons of food waste per day from local sources that would otherwise dispose of it in a local landfill. Additionally, their nutrient credits can be sold to the local municipality to help it to meet federal requirements and to keep sewer bills from rising. This provides additional revenue for the farm, and creates environmentally friendly community partnerships. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

Arcross Fields

Farms capture methane creating electricity for utility companies.  Learn More

Cold Air Storage

Cold Storage

Creative investors are developing energy storage with cold compressed air. Learn


Diamonds Drawdown

Conflict free man-made sequester Co2.
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Italian Eco Innovation

Green Vision

Keep an eye on Green Innovation and submit your ideas to the Italian conference. Learn More


CO2 Capture

18-year-old Ethan Novekwins a prize  for affordable carbon capture. Learn More


Ask Nature

Nature’s solutions are informing designers, architects, & scientists. Learn More

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E.Mountain Bikes

Electric-assist mountain bikes are fun on the road and trails.
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Vespa Buzz

Italian scooters provide fun, well designed transport since 1946.
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Drive a New Concept

Byton's SUV is tailor-made for the future and a new era of mobility. Learn More


Travel Virtually

Not such happy trails with fuel emissions at about 90 kg CO2 per hour of flight time. Learn More


Precision Farming

Responsive farming refers to a system that employs monitoring systems crop yields, soil levels, and weather patterns. Learn More


A Shoe Without a Footprint!

NRG Energy repurposes carbon emissions. Learn More


Is Lithium the new Silicon?

With so much energy storage coming on board you have to ask yourself is lithium the new silicon on the business frontier?
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Air to Fuel

Canada Carbon Engineering Co. enters competition to produce green jet fuel from captured CO2 in the air.
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Capture It

Carbon Engineering Co. receives $68 Mil. investment in Direct Air Capture DAC (CO2), hope at under USD $100/tonne.
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