The Vespa Buzz

Cool Hive Daily Technology Tuesday
Ah Roma! A buzz with wasps, Vespa's. Not the insect type, but the scooter, manufactured by Piaggio. Since 1946 these iconic Italian scooters have been providing well designed, fun and sustainable transport. They are not only very convenient for urban environments they are more of a conversation starter than a puppy. Easy to maneuver and park, while also allowing you to show off your latest Italian threads while scooting through town, it's no wonder the Italians can't get enough of them. You may remember Gregory Peck zipping around Rome with Audrey Hepburn on the back of his Vespa in the film classic Roman Holiday.This film made Vespa's and falling in love synonymous with Rome. As I walk these cobble streets I wonder if it would behoove us to make them synonymous with all cities that are trying to reduce traffic congestion, carbon dioxide emissions and to fall in love, while having fun and getting where you need to go.  This little scooter has shown that design really matters when creating mass adoption of something that is as useful and sustainable as it is as visually compelling and fun to drive. Now that I found the wheels where is my Gregory Peck and gelato? If your not ready for a full on Vespa try this more affordable Razor Electric Scooter, they are tons of fun and you can store them in the house.Article Daisy Carlson Photo by Vesa Pekka Latvala