By the people for the planet.

Cool Hive exists to celebrate your innovations and sustainable life solutions.  We are passionate about sharing your talent and great design with the world. From banking to baby socks we can do better!

You are the architects of the sustainable future and Cool Hive is the Buzzzzz...


SF Academy Of Art University Team

The Young and Hungry Agency at the SF Academy of Art has taken on Cool Hive. Located in the Cannery building in SF we have views of the bay and can put plenty of light on the subject. I am delighted to have this young, innovative team helping to create the new look, feel and functionality of Cool Hive. Stay tuned for their updated website in Q1 2020.

Cool Hive Daily helps to pollinate sustainable ideas and honey out the solutions to the worlds biggest challenges. Join us

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Daisy Carlson


Carlson has always incorporated sustainable principles in her design and business practice. Her many products have been sold in luxury stores world wide. She continued her executive studies at Stanford and Berkeley in CSR,  climate, sustainable development and business design which inspired
Cool Hive.

Katie Schmitz Eulitt


Katie's work in CSR  Business Strategy ranges from the development of teams and systems in start-up environments to helping Fortune 500 corporations integrate meaningful CSR programs and sustainable management practices as core elements of their business strategy.

Mary (2)

Mary Ryan


Focussed on bringing
sustainable business
models and
non-profits to fruition.
Specializing in CSR-
Corporate Social Responsibility
Reporting for
Hybrid and B-corps.

List of Advisors

Alphabetically by first name

Alberto Acito
Brewster Kahle
Bruce Katz
Carrie Gago

Daniel Erasmus
Debera Coburn
Dr. Marsha Bluto
Dr. Katherine Saxby
Eleanor - Bobby Lanahan
Frances Sawyer
Greg Niemeyer
Gago Media
Helene Marsh

Janine Benyus
Jan Jepsen
James Wojtowicz
Jonathan Livingston
Joslyn Thoresen
Kraemer Winslow
Lisa Ristorucci
Linda Novy
Logan Kahle
Mary Austin
Mary Ryan
Meghan Roberts
Rebecca Williams

Scott Summit
Terry Jones
Paul DJ Spooky
Paul Bozzo
Prof. Denise Labuda
Prof. Dan Higgens
Prof. John Douglas

Prof. Sally Benson


Jonathan Storper

Created the Benefit Corp. Law

Jonathan leads the corporate department at Hanson Bridgett. He previously founded and led Hanson Bridgett’s sustainable law practice which focuses on developing a more sustainable economy by assisting mission driven companies and high impact investors in a variety of industries.


List of Student Advisors

Anjali George - Strategy/ Interface
Alfred Chen - Strategy/ Directory
Laura Arias - Marketing/Design
Lovisa Davidson -Graphic Web Design
Marie Banny - Graphic/Web Design
Tien Nguyen- Coordinator
Zack Magnuson - Social Strategy
Clair Rochelle, Gianna Toschi


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