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Should we be tracking  our carbon ?

October 21, 2017   Leave a comment

Of course we should! Our cultural homework assignment is to reduce our carbon emissions by 80% of 2005 levels by 2050 to keep the climate somewhat stable. We should track carbon with the same interest in which we track our bank account, calories and foot steps, as it will effect both our finances and our health as much or more. Incremental progress will help us achieve this goal. Try and reduce your carbon emissions by 10% this year. You can calculate your footprint here and then choose actions to reduce your footprint. Driving and flying less make two big steps.  Your next car should be an electric car and if you can't find a solar option  using a programable thermostat can give you a home energy savings of up to 15%. Here are few other steps you can take at home that can save money and decrease your carbon inventory. Also check out his cool zero-net-energy home.