What's Up Wednesday

General climate news, what to watch for.


Liberty & Justice for All

Building the vocabulary for peace and equality for all.
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Electric Drama

Renewables now supply about 30% of the electricity consumed in California. Learn More


Slow Indulgences

The curation of experience is something that gains nuance in its restraint.
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There are many opportunities to have fun and make a difference.
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The Big Thaw

A legal campaign as  large as the melting permafrost fields may force federal agencies to take climate change into account   Learn More

single use bottles

No Dance Party

 Refuse, Reduce, Reuse,Recycle Single Use Plastics!
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It is Hot Out There

Severe drought conditions continue to Eastern Africa.
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simple living

The Good News

Technology and design are rapidly evolving to address climate change.
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Greener Pastures

Rotational grazing builds carbon rich soil and biodiversity.
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Adding food scrap to soil improves human health and sequesters green house gases.  Learn more


Silver Where?

Time to civilize your eating habits. Over ten million plastic utensils are thrown away daily.
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Dutch Mountain

A Mountain of a building built completely out of wood in the flat Netherlands. Learn more


Experience This

Experiences were the biggest holiday gift trend, which is a good sign. Learn More


A Rising Tide

The rate of Sea level rise is increasing every year, according to a study released Feb. 12
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Change the Conversation

Singularity of I does not really exist. Learn more

Still in Agreement

Still in Agreement

Chicago Mayors Climate Summit says they are
"still in" the Paris Climate Accord. Learn more


Stay Connected

Stay home, stay healthy, stay connected to the bigger picture.
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Sunrise Movement

The Green New Deal is a reasoned plan and the voice of Generation Z Learn More

Smart Grid Italy

Smart Grid

Italians built the Colosseum, now they build Smart Islands and Grid Technologies? Learn More


Wild Fire

No one is above the laws of nature, Be prepared for storms, fires and droughts.
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Locally Grown

Celebrate your Valentine with a bit of love for the atmosphere, choose locally grown flowers?
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Hive Hex copy-2

Wetland Restoration

They are considered the lungs and filtration system for the cycle of life. Learn More


Mommies Groups

Foster community and provide parents with a go-to guide that can improve environmental education. Learn More


Birds Eye view

Get to know your feathered neighbors. Learn More

Cool News

Let us know what you hear out there about climate change and solutions.