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General climate news, what to watch for.


Kiss The Ground

How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World.
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It is Hot Out There

Severe drought conditions continue to affect Somalia, South-East Ethiopia and North-East Kenya. Learn More


The Big Thaw

A legal campaign as  large as the melting permafrost fields may force federal agencies to take climate change into account when making big energy decisions  Learn More


Rights of Children

Should we acknowledge the rights of future generations, children and nature? Learn more



A Rising Tide

The rate of Sea level rise is increasing every year, according to a study released Feb. 12
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Still in Agreement

Still in Agreement

Chicago Mayors Climate Summit says they are
"still in" the Paris Climate Accord. Learn more

simple living

The Good News

Remember that technology and design are rapidly addressing and evolving to address mounting challenges.  Learn More


Electric Drama

Renewables now supply about 30% of the electricity consumed in California.  Learn More



Experience This

Experiences were the biggest holiday gift trend of 2017 which is a good sign. Learn More

Cool News

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