There are many opportunities to make a difference.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study looked at different reports addressing how natural processes protect shorelines — which it turns out they do quite well. Beth Huning, coordinator of the Marin-based San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, which brings together public and private agencies and others to restore wetlands and wildlife habitat, was not surprised by the findings.

Marshes that rest along bayside Marin could protect communities from storms, flooding, erosion and sea-level rise, according to a new NOAA study.

“Wetlands and marshes act as buffers and prevent water from slamming into infrastructure and communities,” Huning said. “Then there is the benefit for shorebirds and other wildlife as well.” As Marin County studies the impacts of sea-level rise, it is looking at how improving dunes, wetlands, sea grass, kelp beds and oyster reefs through restoration might lessen flood impacts. From the Marin IJ July 19, 2018

The Kids can Have Fun Too.

Golden Gate Parks Conservancy and ONE Tam list many opportunities to help with restoration projects to preserve our incredible natural heritage. It is fun and educational to team up with Parks Conservancy staff and trained volunteers to grow, collect, plant and analyze information on habitats and species.

Wetlands restoration is particularly crucial for the Marin County watershed. You and the whole family can enjoy helping to restore these crucial habitats that also sequester carbon.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao