The Heat is On

Cleaning Up Our Act

No one is above the laws of nature, as we have seen with recent climate change-related storms, fires and droughts. Nature’s responses to climate change is and will continue to be punishingly brutal and expensive. To move faster than these wild fires, we need 100% clean energy now.

You may realize that you have a responsibility to reduce your personal emissions; but until now you may not have known how to do it. A great first step is to take two minutes to opt up to a 100% renewable energy plan with MCE. That would reduce your emissions by an average of 22%. Aligning your habits of consumption toward a low-carbon life is not as hard as you think either. It is not only better for the planet, it is healthier, good looking and more inclusive. A carbon-restrained life actually has more style as it utilizes the newest most efficient technology.

Climate change is already in our back yard and will dramatically alter our children’s future. It will only get worse if we don’t take bigger steps toward a fully implemented clean-energy economy today. The County of Marin is landmark in building this kind of climate-resilient economy that may be net-neutral by 2030 if we all step up. We are lucky to already have an opt up plan through MCE of 100% Renewable Power available to us today as well as many resources, incentives and rebates that can help us all get cleaner together.

Steps That Protect Your Future

Combined can achieve an 80% reduction in GHG.

~ Opt-in to your electric companies Renewable Electric Program

~ Drive an electric car

~ Charge it in the daytime

~ Eat at least 50% less meat

~ Shift from natural gas to electric

~ Fly as little as possible

~ Offset your C02 footprint

~ Shop more responsibly

~ Vote for the planet

~ Know your neighbors

Related Risks

~ Severe drought

~ Fire danger

~ Sea level rise

~ Habitat loss

~ Species extinction

~ High mitigation costs

~ Infrastructure destruction

~ Humiliation for failing to protect

Photo by Vince Fleming