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Market Monday

Conscious companies are moving the needle toward sustainability in the marketplace. Market Monday's will help you invest your money in ways that are aligned with your purpose.

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Technology Tuesday

Covering clean-tech news in areas of transportation, energy, storage,  gear and more. Evolved technology bringing us into a clean energy future is here.

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Fashion Friday

Find your flair while still being fair. For better wear and all around comfort consider the social and environmental impact of your threads. Learn More

What's Up Wednesday

Discover innovations and solutions as well as climate news. Learn what to watch for and advocate for. Steps to adoption. Cool things to think about and participate in.

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Healthy Thursday

Fitness, health, and mindfulness for a balanced life for both you and planet. Climate safe choices often improve your personal and family health and well being,

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Marin County Guide

Step by step sustainable guide to save money and improve your and the planet's health in Marin County.


Savory Saturday

Exploring healthy recipes as well as local, vegetarian, and vegan foods to improve both your health and the health of the planet in one yummy bite; because life should be delicious.

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Sanctuary Sunday

Creating balance in more ways than one. Exploring sustainable home design, architecture, energy efficiency & outdoor living, with a smattering of  DIY & recycling ideas.

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Wondering how to live a climate-safe life, we will show you how to do with style.

This century's challenge is to build a robust economy for a sustainable future. Long-term success is derived from inclusive principles that support people and the planet. Our newsletter provides healthy choices that have been designed with everyone's future in mind. Solutions that are better for you and better for the planet.

Who do you admire?

We profile sustainable companies, designers and innovators. If you would like to nominate a company, person or family that you admire for their cool ideas submit your nomination here.