Stay cool and step lightly,
carbon offset when you fly.

It's summertime your footprint should be in the sand, not the atmosphere.

A sustainable lifestyle is better for you, and better for the planet. 

Electric Bike Nantucket Style...

Add a little electric zip to your beach cruiser and leave the car at home, pair with a traditional Lightship bike basket to carry your beach essentials. These baskets were first produced in Nantucket during the whaling era of the 1800s, they are still made from finely woven rattan cane. Easily attaches to your handlebars with 2 adjustable leather straps, fits most adult bicycles.  A straw hat to keep the sun off naturally and a cotton oversized Egyptian beach blanket/sarong will round out your natural summer habit. Toss in some bamboo flatware and you are, oh so natural.


Move over avocado toast, make way for the juicy tomato.

Is it possible to go on a zero waste picnic? We think so. Summer shopping at the farmers market can reduce your household waste by 50%. Bamboo picnic supplies make a day out good for you and the planet.


Natures Packages are Best

Avoid plastic by buying bulk, bring a container or a paper bag. Tell your store what you think. Consider growing berry bushes with the kids.

Cooler Choices

Fashion update, the planet is what's hot. Please wear her lightly!

What's in is not taking the planet out. Clean up your act and be part of the solution. Let's give future generations of all species a chance to enjoy nature's majesty. Use natural products that respect you and the earth.


All-natural body-care like the fabulous French Girl Lumiere Rose
and Rose Sea Salt polish are stepping lightly.



Charged with Renewable Energy
Group Trips & Errands
Stay Longer


Natural Materials
Limit Packaging
Local Producers
Long Lasting
Previously Loved


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With solutions that are better for you and better for the planet.

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