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This century's challenge is to build a robust economy for a sustainable future. Long-term success is derived from inclusive principles that support people and the planet. This newsletter provides healthy choices that have been designed with everyone's future in mind.

Market Monday

Conscious companies are driving sustainability in the marketplace. Join Market Mondays to align your investments with your purpose.

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Technology Tuesday

Discover how the latest clean-tech news in transportation, energy, storage, gear, and more is shaping a clean energy future.

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What's Up Wednesday

Explore climate innovations, news, and actionable steps. Engage in cool ideas and participate in meaningful initiatives.

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Healthy Thursday

Embrace fitness, health, mindfulness for a balanced life benefitting you and the planet. Climate-safe choices enhance personal & family well-being.

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Fashion Friday

Find your flair while still being fair. For better wear and all around comfort consider the social and environmental impact of your threads.

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Savory Saturday

Discover tasty, planet-friendly recipes that enhance your well-being. Enjoy local, vegetarian, and vegan foods for a delicious and sustainable life.

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Sanctuary Sunday

Join us in creating balance through sustainable home design, architecture, energy efficiency, outdoor practices, and DIY ideas.

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Participate in global conservation projects. There is something for everyone from coral reef restoration to South African animal sanctuaries.

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New Book

Coming soon, The Future Is Cool: Exploring a comprehesinsive portfolio of climate solutions.

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Marin County Guide

Explore The Sustainable Guide to Marin, which showcases numerous sustainability initiatives within the county. Inquire about creating a personalized county guide for your area, empowering citizens to actively participate in healthy and money-saving sustainable initiatives within your community.


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Join Cool Hive as we explore the cutting-edge innovations that are creating a stylish climate safe life of tomorrow. Trendsetters are making the planet cooler and more sustainable every day. So, if you want to be cool for the future, this is the place to be today.

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