Ten Steps that Can Make You and the Planet Cooler today!

Because every footprint matters...

The average American generates about 19 tons of carbon dioxide a year; the average European only 10. The average CO2 footprint per person on the African Continent is less than 1/2 a ton. Take the challenge and see if you can get to 10 this year or at least take a step or two in the right direction.

1. Be Local Food should be LOADED with Goodness (Local, Organic, Affordable, Delicious, Elegant and Delightful). The carbon footprint of food transport is BIG. (1pt.)

2. Be Efficient Make your home more energy efficient and save money. If homes were 25% more efficient it is the equivalent of half the cars being taken off the road. RisingSunEnergy.org will help you do this for free and even provide the labor and light bulbs. (2pts.)

3. Be Deep Sign up for 100% renewable energy through your local energy company. Here we have  Marin's Deep Green Energy program. Call 1-888-632-3674 and follow the prompts. Call your local solar company to see if you qualify for a payment plan for solar panels. (2pts.)

4. Be Still Air travel has a very big footprint so flying less can really reduce your CO2 emissions and shrink your footprint. Fuel emissions are about 90 kg CO2 per hour of flight time, basically 2.5 tons round trip from SF to NYC per person. (2pts per flight not taken.)

5. Be Stylish I am talking cashmere pajamas. Turn the thermostat down and put on a sweater. Sweaters and slippers are the trend-setting new rage. (1pt for every 3 degrees reduced.)

6. Be Conservative Using less, fixing things, turning down the thermostat by a few degrees, reduce sprinkler time and frequency, take fewer trips. (1pt. for every 5 items.)

7. Be Hip Have your next car be an electric car. Rebates of up to $7000+ available and you can drive in fast-lane. (4pts.)

8. Be Adamant Be a citizen not a consumer and demand environmental consideration in your purchases. Say NO to plastic containers and bags and stuff that will turn into trash or storage bills later. (1pt.)

9. Be Veg Eating less meat is good for your heart, good for the planet and of course good for the cows. Every meat meal is equivalent to about a tank of gas (320 miles). Foodprints (2pts.vegetarian, or 1pt no red meat)

10. Be Paperless Pay bills online. Go to www.stopjunkmail.org or use the Paper Karma mobile app to mitigate your junk mail.

Verify that you only use 10 tons or less of CO2 a year and we will send you a free Lifestyle journal and a certificate.

Taking steps in the right direction

Future generations are depending on us to take precautionary steps to protect their climate. Every step we take is a step towards the trend and transition we need to make to protect our environment and health. If we live by example, people may follow. Help Cool Hive trend set for a Cooler Future by sharing your ideas or just be as Cool as possible.



What Steps Have you Taken.

Let us know what you have done in your own life to reduce your negative impact on the environment. Has it saved you money or improved your health?