Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday gives you flair while still being fair. For a better wear and all around comfort consider the social and environmental impact of your threads.

Flip Fashion

Flip Fashion

We can help flip factory trends with conscious consumption. Learn More

My Trees are My Tshirt

Trees are T's

Eucalyptus trees create the eco-t's and other fashion temptations. Learn More


Moms on a Mission

Curate your style with 10 refined high-quality pieces that are ethically made.

Less Is More

Less is More

Italian fashion protects the planet with style.
Learn More


Trash For Tossers

Americans toss 25 billion pounds of clothing a year!  Learn More

Unfashion Tribal 

Tribal Threads

Unfashioning fashion to join the global tribe. Learn More



Accessorizing has its perks.
Learn More


Anna Borgia Vegan Belt

Vegan Accessories

Versatility Italian style.
Learn More


Hop into Spring with Eco Fashion

Hop into Spring!

Cool it with natural fiber clothing.
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A Splash From the Past

Go vintage to set yourself apart. The unrelenting cycle of fashion trends are piling up in landfills. Manufacturing is leaving our environments "threadbare" and patching over human rights abuses with "advert-ant teasing". Break this downer cycle and recycle.


Bamboo Basics

Although viscose bamboo is lauded as sustainable it is chemical intensive, even in closed loop manufacturing. Bamboo forests drawdown a lot of carbon and don't use pesticides or much water to grow so on the surface it is a sustainable material.  The scoop.


Wool Sneakers?

According to ALLBIRDS, the secret to creating the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever set foot in is Merino wool. A lightweight solution to peak comfort that is completely biodegradable.

What are you wearing?

Let us know how you make your threads cooler.