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Cool Hive Daily - What's Up Wednesday
It seems every time we open the paper we are given another devastating blow that is downright depressing. This weeks news that Germany is scrapping their 2020 climate targets, and that turtles are being born mostly female due to increased temperatures as well as that Iran's protests are thought to be spurred by extreme droughts caused by climate change is not surprising. We have all heard the news about droughts, wars, illness, environmental destruction but what do we do as individuals. It is obvious we can't hide from climate change but what seems less obvious is how to address it on an individual basis and not get overwhelmed. Simply living by example and finding joy in that balance, attracts more people to live in the same way.
The news is out there and we know the challenges are mounting, but simultaneously we need to remember that technology and design are rapidly addressing and evolving to address a myriad of issues. So how do we keep our heads above water? We get down to work turning the tide on our emissions. Individual actions are not futile in the scheme of things. We can turn our fear into action, our actions into a trend, and our wishes into forces to be reckoned with. We can design a future where all life can thrive. Even with our government abandoning our climate goals, the transformation of the energy economy in a green direction continued at a pace in the United States and abroad. So don't fret act, take 10 deep breaths and remember how you can live more with less. Invest in experiences, not things. Experiences were the biggest holiday gift trend of 2017 which is a good sign. We may indeed be realizing that consumption of stuff is less interesting than creating lasting memories with experiences. Check out cloud 9 experiences for some inspiration or visit tinggly.com . Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan @robinsonhmorgan