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SAVE Fleets

Ride Share

How  Shared, Automated, Vehicles, Electrified "SAVE" the world! Learn More


Eat Your Package

Containers made from Edible foods are now changing the packaging industry.
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Battery Storage

Battery of Batteries

Storing solar energy for night time use that has been the challenge up until now. Learn More

Peak emissions with clean tech

Italy Peaked in 2005

A country can stay fully caffeinated while significantly reducing their carbon emissions. Learn More

Cold Air Storage

Cold Storage

Creative investors are developing energy storage that relies on cold compressed air. Learn More


Diamonds Drawdown

Conflict free man-made diamonds won't melt ancient ice. Learn More

Italian Eco Innovation

Green Vision

Keep an eye on Green Innovation and submit your ideas to the Italian conference. Learn More


Affordable CO2 Capture

At just $10 a ton corporations no longer have an excuse to ignore their emissions, thanks to 18-year-old Ethan Novek.
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One Big Footprint

Every bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of energy as it takes to power nine homes in a day in the US. Learn More


Vespa Buzz

Italian scooters provide fun, well designed and sustainable transport since 1946.
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A Bright Idea

Edison's light bulb eventually transformed the energy system. We are doing it again with the clean energy economy. Learn More


Travel Virtually

Not such happy trails with fuel emissions at about 90 kg CO2 per hour of flight time, basically 2.5 tons round trip from SF to NYC per person. Learn More


Is Lithium the new Silicon?

With so much energy storage coming on board you have to ask yourself is lithium the new silicon on the business frontier?
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Precision Farming

Responsive farming refers to a system that employs the use of GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery to monitor crop yields, soil levels, and weather patterns.
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A Shoe Without a Footprint!

A “Shoe Without a Footprint” is symbolic of NRG Energy’s commitment to reducing and repurposing carbon emissions. Learn More


A New Concept in Driving

Byton's SUV is tailor-made for the future and a new era of mobility,...
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