Hominy Harmony

Cool Hive Savory Saturday Creating a Cool Kitchen.

Creating an elegant life, in harmony, is a process of balancing and re-balancing. A good place to start is the kitchen. Curating our life experience to increase our capacity for love and knowledge, literally begins with the ingredients we use to feed our bodies. When putting together a meal I also think about the presentation, the source of the ingredients and the balance of the flavors. I try and not fuss too much with it's natural "state of wonder", as I like to call it. I paint my dish with the beauty of the fruits and vegetables making a canvas of color and flavor. This Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash perfectly captures my sentiment on this concept. Vibrant food and thoughtful presentation maintains and honors the earth and our health. We have been granted a visit to this incredible life let's not take it for granted, it is truly a gallery of wonder. I invite you to paint a meal that respects your ingredients, yourself and those around you. Send a picture so we can share in the delight. Have fun and enjoy! Photo by Brooke Lark

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