Bamboo Panels – Bullet Proof, Safe, Fast, Green & Strong

With sustainability in mind price conscious Bamcore has created one of the most sustainable, cost effective methods for home construction. Building with Bamboo is a carbon smart move as Bamboo drawsdown more carbon than a trees. The surfaces are ready for finishing so no dry wall is needed and the hollow stud- less walls allow easy access for plumbing, electrical and insulation installation. It also provides quicker, stronger construction a 2000 square foot home could be constructed in just 3 days. BamCore's manufacturing processes, is made to order and does not use heat, water, steam or chemicals to prepare, mill and manufacture the bamboo into panels reducing the carbon footprint. No waste once the flat packs arrive on site. These panels reduced Mold Risk associated with today’s conventional construction methods. BamCore’s bamboo-based hollow Prime Wall System also delivers a water vapor transmission rate that matches the range of rates found in commonly used house wraps so no further need to wrap your house in plastic. BamCore’s Prime Panels for fire resistance and flame spread tests outperform all other untreated wood based framing and siding products, including cedar and redwood for fire resistance and reduce fire storm debris. Literally these walls are also bullet proof and can resist the impact of a .38 Special and .22 long rifle with hyper velocity rounds when fired 16ʹ or more from the installed wall. Bamcore video