Bone Structure

If you loved erector sets as a kid you will love this new way to design and build your home. These strong steel elements simplify the design-build process and allow for floor to ceiling windows and twenty five foot spans for an open modern plan that is air tight. Minimizing load barring walls the structure also makes additions easier to add on. The steel construction designed on a grid plan.Manufactured with out waste with surgical precision, once up the structure is 100% square and plum.  It takes only about 10 days once on site to erect and prep the base structure for the two layers of insulation, that create a vapor barrier and are tightening, with an R. Vl of 28.5. The roofing structure once fixed has an R55 value and is 10.25 inches thick. Bone Structure will help you with design and permitting and once approved will manufactured the Steele armature from recycled Steele in North America. Structurally sound, pest and water resident these structures have huge potential in the marketplace. Once up an R 55 spray foam creates an airtight barrier and its ready for finishing materials. With hatch handles for dry wall and bars set for exterior cladding already in place. bone structure Integrates with Net Zero goals for your new home as BONE Structure Homes can reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 90% when compared to a traditional house. The estimated cost of a BONE Structure turnkey home (from foundation to finishes) based on our North America building experiences, starts around $325 per square foot when including the square footage of the basement and garage in all calculations. Estimated prices exclude the cost of the land, miscellaneous professional fees as well as applicable taxes and landscaping.The costs of building your new home will be directly affected by many factors, such as:
– Site preparation (soil conditions, lot type, access)
– Complexity of the design
– Type of finishes
– Location (cost of labor in the area)
– Overall building size

Photo Curtesy of Bone Structure