Towers of Green Forest

Cool Hive Daily Sanctuary Sunday

Forever changing how we think of vertical forests this award-winning high rise project in Milan broadens the potential for green space in cities. The forested balconies improve air quality, buffer noise, absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and just look amazing. The trees help to regulate temperature fluctuations inside the building and make those hot Milanese summers much more bearable. The project was designed to help restore a historic district of Milan between Via De Castillia and Confalonieri. Combined the two towers consist of 400 condominiums with a 26-floor tower and 18-floor tower creating 44 floors of lush forested terraces. It is called Bosco Verticale because there are over 900 trees between three and six meters covering the towers. This gorgeous organic facade also helps to mitigate smog and produce oxygen. In 2014, Bosco Verticale was selected from nominees in 17 countries and won the International Highrise Award, this prestigious biannual international competition honors excellence in new constructed buildings that stand a minimum of 100 meters tall. In 2015 Urban Habitat Awards Jury selected Bosco Verticale as the overall “2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide”. I would have to agree that verticle green space is not only easier on the eyes it is easier on the inhabitants and the environment. All contractors should consider this enlightened direction for future city construction. Article Daisy Carlson Photo by Chris Barbalis