Ode to Natural Arrangements

Cool Hive Daily Sanctuary Sunday

I recently saw the new Andy Goldsworthy movie, Leaning into the Wind, which inspired me to study his work more deeply. I too feel a need to lean into and listen to nature. On a recent Sunday it happened, I stopped on the trail and arranged some loose bark, stacked some rocks, twisted some vines and leaned into the river of inspiration that this mountain fortifies me with. Since then I have made 33 Odes to Andy Goldsworthy's work and today on Easter Sunday I am hosting an Easter Art  Hunt or should I say Easter Ode Hunt on Mount Tamalpias. It has been wonderful to be out there feeling rock and soil on my hands, fun to watch hikers stop, look and wonder who and how. They take pictures and begin to walk more slowly, look more carefully. I am so happy to see these odes bring people to the present, that gift of now, of being here now. These subtle arrangements slow down hikers so that they may see where they are walking and why they are walking. Since this began other hikers are also leaving offerings to this mountain, to our place in nature, to the natural poetic language of rock, and leaf and mud to speak to us of the bigger picture of why we are here now. Set a fallen leaf in its regal place and people will revere it. Article and Photo Daily Carlson