Warm and Cozies

My 90 year friend said this morning, "Winter is just around the corner and its time to get out your woolens."  This prompted me to ask her what they did when she was young and they didn't have much heat. "We covered our windows with good drapes and wore a layer or two of wool and that did the trick". Having lived in Italy where the stone homes can be drafty I remember my Italian mamma always urging me to put on slippers and a sweater. We could reduce our carbon footprint and lower our heating bills with a small investment in good wool. These breathable layers can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are odor resistant and long lasting. Forming a natural barrier to UV they are also stain and fire resistant. Natural wools like Merino regulate body temperature and heart rate so that it actually improves your sleep. Many Merino wools like Ibex and Theory have a commitment to sustainability.  Please share other sustainable wool companies you like. I wouldn't give up my Corso Vannucci cashmere pajama's for the world but going forward I am careful to check the source. 


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