Wild Life

Everyone wants to do the right thing for wildlife…

As human habitation continues to expand into the wild places that surround us, people and wildlife increasingly find themselves calling the same places home.

In Marin County, WildCare works to make sure all species can coexist. WildCare.org treats nearly 4,000 sick or injured animals a year. They also teach children and adults to understand and appreciate wildlife on how to live peacefully with the animals among us. In addition, they advocate for better protection of wildlife and our remaining open spaces on a state and county level. WildCare’s integrated approach is essential to addresses the challenges of human/wildlife interaction. If you are interested in preserving the wildlife that lives amoung us, consider getting involved with an organization like this or starting one. WildCare can teach you a lot about coexistence so we can create a more sustainable world for all.

What you can do at home You may want to consider that rodent poisons go up the food chain and can poison owls, hawks and foxes and bobcats.

I eat mice so please don’t poison them, it poisons me too.