Tomorrow is here today.

Elements of the Plan
CoolHive is born out of an important transition in global society. "No longer is environmentalism a fringe effort of a radical counterculture. No longer does care about the planet require giving up modern comforts or subscribing to a particular political philosophy. That nature’s resources are limited and our ecosystem's vulnerable is now a well-understood reality of contemporary life. Yet while Americans demonstrate daily that they are disturbed by the threats that plague our environment, they lack the information to integrate their concerns into their lifestyles in a positive way. Everyone has had the daylights scared out of them and they feel frozen. We aim to ignite change by marketing to the positive attributes of decarbonized design. There is a growing awareness that smarter individual choices can help protect the planet over time. However, there is no trusted and accessible source of information for a conscious, mainstream audience to start living without carbon to make a difference." We can improve lifestyles by making the environmental movement about MORE rather than LESS. Enter CoolHive where the buzz is sweet. Our climate has changed, literally, the political climate, the innovation capacity and of course the glaciers. Editor-in-Chief Daisy Carlson has been working on the concept for CoolHive for several years. "I have realized it is grossly irresponsible not to seek assistance to provide this important service and vision to the world. CoolHive is a powerful engagement tool for markets and communities to thrive rather than take a devastating dive."
Executive summary
CoolHive is a lifestyle resource that supports well-designed, climate-safe choices.
Focusing on cutting-edge emerging technology and innovation through a cultural lens we actively design and implement a climate safe lifestyle. Our marketing is aimed at an emerging mainstream that is environmentally conscious, socially responsible, globally aware, and increasingly low-carbon. CoolHive will entertain, engage, and inform readers about practical advances in renewable energy, sustainable architecture, hybrid and electric cars, organic food, CO2 neutral fashion, and much more. Top quality editorial content will drive readers to CoolHive. The irresistible modern design will keep their attention. A growing list of influential celebrities interested in the environment will add to the trendsetting clout. CoolHive celebrates the many choices now available to consumers and demonstrates that not only is it easy to reduce their carbon emissions it's healthy, cool and a sexy style choice.

Innovation, Joy, Design, Style, Grace Health, Abundance...
are all elements of the new restorative economy that Cool Hive will report on. We focus on the solutions and restoring balance.CoolHive brings you new technology, innovation and design for a low-carbon, climate-safe life. We need to start builing an economy that includes the environment other wise we are burning up our childrens future. We look at the science of climate change, and of economic structures to actively explore innovative responses to develop trends and style choices that will achieve a low-carbon lifestyle with grace and ease. Living in balance will increases global health and happiness while preserving the quality of all life for tomorrow. We are making America Cool Again with contemporary style that is healthier, sexier and has a smaller footprint. Think of us as Dwell, Wired and Martha Stewart wrapped into one climate sensitive solution. We select advertisers and company profiles that have robust, Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) reporting that include carbon in their accounting. We promote the idea of designing and living with the whole footprint in mind and partner with companies employing circular economic values and cradle to cradle technologies. We are building a CoolHive currency that allows for a carbon balanced exchange. Services can be exchanged with Honey Money in the hive where all busines is a carbon sensitive solution.

Better for you Better for the Planet
To reduce our emissions by 80% below 1990 levels we will have to make incremental steps across the entire energy landscape. Efficiency, decarbonization, new technology, taxation, offsetting, decoupling are all helpful. Food, housing and manufacturing are all modernizing to be more efficient and climate safe. CoolHive makes connections between innovation, development, daily life, and the economy. We recommend that all aspects of the energy landscape shift by no less than 5% a year. Many are far exceeding this which will over time facilitate real balance. It's all connected, just like nature. Living a low- carbon life might be easier than we think especially if we start accepting it as mainstream and build our economic success around it. CoolHive highlights elegant design, new technology and innovation that attracts us to low-carbon living, making it a style choice as much as an environmental imperative. CoolHive is a website, with a quarterly print service that includes CoolRetail. We also promote and educate with full page ads across the printing landscape of newspapers and magazines. Ads that teach and tantalize and bring people to our online environment. Our website is a comprehensive resource with areas for scientists, banking, art, living, learning and reading. It is literally a hive a buzz with decarbonizing work and activities. You can join a political movement to get a bill passed, sign up for a credit card to offset at the point of purchase or find a perfect outfit. We chose to print the business plan as it is for just a few select people to review until we can really launch. The editorial on these pages is not the professional editorial quality we will have at CoolHive, as I am not a journalist or a graphic designer. My hope is that it eludes to the necessity to synthesize ideas and make the connections between fields to reduce our emissions. We help people to begin living the inevitable reality today. There are a lot of moving parts but like a hive it will grow to support it's community as we make partnerships across fields. Please join us in building a very CoolHive today and let's make the planet cooler.
CoolHive is committed to the idea that mainstream society is ready, now more than ever, to take significant measures toward a cleaner environment. To that end, CoolHive is dedicated to informing and inspiring readers and businesses to take simple, incremental steps toward more responsible forms of living, producing, and consuming. We will provide the trendsetting clout essential for a society to incorporate low-carbon solutions into their daily lives.
We make it fun, fashionable, and practical.
CoolHive utilizes decarbonizing as a design opportunity that promots methods that will simultaneously improve peoples health, lower costs and increase their style. The CoolHive mission is to be cool in every sense of the word. CoolHive celebrates the healthy lifestyle choices and innovation that will, by necessity, become modern mainstream. CoolHive aims to be a significant voice of this movement now and into the future utilizing digital and print media. CoolHive grows and is more productive the more people buzz around and participate in it building its directory of Cooler Services, and exchanging carbon neutral currencies. You can help us build the hive and become part of the buzz that is cooling the planet. The following pages lay out a plan to integrate essential solutions today. Help us set that trend. The innovation landscape and strategy are ready. It is time to gather the worker bees, the management, and the money to make this a reality, our children will thank us...and maybe some will help us.