Stay Balanced

Balance Your Air Travel


Just in case you forgot... If you are flying, you are adding a significant amount of planet-warming gases to the atmosphere.

Flying stresses you and the planet out.

Flying for many is a large portion of their carbon footprint and what has put us well over the national average of CO2 per household. Frankly, it is embarrassing that we are at close to double the national average of carbon dioxide emissions. Balance that carbon footprint today with projects that do a world of good.

Overall, the aviation industry accounts for 11 percent of all transportation-related emissions in the United States. Take one round-trip flight between New York and California, and you have contributed about 2 (3 tons in business class) of CO2 emissions directly into the atmosphere. If it is not offset it has an estimated environmental cost in real terms of about $1200 by 2050. If you really aren't able to reduce your total flights there are some ways to make your airplane travel a little bit greener.

Carbon Balancing with Sustainable Development projects are a great way to go. They help you not only offset your carbon emissions with restoration projects that improve habitat, biodiversity and reduce poverty. Greener Pasture offsets use photosynthesis to store carbon dioxide back into the soil, this has a myriad or restorative benefits while also providing more food security for the animals and people living on that land in Kenya. It is the perfect tax-deductable way to balance your carbon footprint.

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