Two Ground Breaking Books For Sustainable Leadership


Business Coach and Climate Specialist to Launch Two Ground Breaking Books on Leadership and Climate Action.

San Francisco - Daisy Carlson, an experienced and dedicated professional with 35 years of expertise in business coaching and sustainability focused on climate solutions, is poised to unveil her groundbreaking book, "The Future is Cool" and "Sailing Your Business." As she puts the finishing touches on this insightful work, she extends an exclusive invitation to Climate Professionals to participants and contribute their specialized insights. In exchange, participants will receive a complimentary Kindle copy of the book and, if featured within its pages, will be duly acknowledged in the credits. These books are scheduled for release in the coming quarter and aim to empower individuals and organizations to take bold and effective action to support a climate- safe future.

"The Future is Cool" delves deep into practical and actionable strategies that empower readers to make a meaningful impact on a climate- safe future. Drawing on Daisy Carlson's extensive experience in climate solutions, the book offers a comprehensive roadmap for individuals, businesses, and communities to adopt sustainable practices and achieve tangible results.

Key highlights of "The Future is Cool" include:

*Cutting-edge insights into climate science and the latest developments in sustainability.
*Real-world case studies showcasing successful climate solutions from around the globe.
* Step-by-step guidance for individuals and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.
* Inspirational stories of climate champions making a difference in their communities.
*Practical exercises and resources to facilitate sustainable action.
* A comprehensive study on cost, inventories, and solution maturity.
* A psychological study on keys to improving adoption.

Climate professionals also have the opportunity to meet with Daisy for leadership coaching. In addition to a complimentary digital copy of the books upon their release by signing up at and/or If you wish to attend the special book signing event, please indicate your interest on the respective website or contact Daisy at

In addition to the book launch, Daisy has completed a book on her unique executive coaching that supports sustainability mindsets. Daisy's wealth of experience in in business and climate, offers readers practical wisdom and guidance to excel in entrepreneurship. In gratitude to climate professionals Sailing Your Business is offering coaching services at a discount. These services have empowered countless individuals and organizations to implement sustainable practices, reduce emissions, and achieve their climate objectives. For a free digital book on Sailing Your Business contact Daisy.

"Sailing Your Business" is a comprehensive guide that distills the business journey and actionable insights. The book equips readers with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, providing them with a compass for success.

Key highlights of "Sailing Your Business" include:

* Practical advice on business planning, strategy development, and execution.
* Insights into effective financial management, marketing, and customer engagement.
* Stories of real entrepreneurs who have surmounted challenges to achieve remarkable success.
* Mentorship on leadership, team building, and fostering a culture of innovation.
* Tools and exercises to help readers set and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

"Building a restorative economy with carbon, nature’s currency, on every bottom line is our highest priority for global health." - Daisy Carlson

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to bolster your capacity as an integral part of the climate solution movement.

For further information about these books "The Future is Cool," and "Sailing Your Business," as well as climate and business coaching services, please visit or or contact Daisy Carlson at

As we pioneer climate-smart solutions, cultures, nations, and corporations can accelerate the essential pace required to secure a cool future. Our collective efforts to safeguard our atmosphere will undoubtedly ensure a prosperous future for all. Looking forward to working with you.