Hop into Spring with Eco-Fashion

Put a little hop into your step with natural fiber clothing and feel the spring. Eco-clothing reduces health risks for you and everyone in the chain of manufacturing and disposal.
As our skin is the largest organ in our body, what we put on it matters as much as what we put inside it. If you wear clothing that isn't certified eco-friendly, sustainable, or made with organic fabrics, they are most likely contaminated with fairly high levels of toxic phthalates. According to Greenpeace's Detox campaign, AZO dyes, PFCs, PCP, and Phthalates are all harmful to human health but can still be found in clothing manufacturing practices outside of the EU, where they have been banned. According to Model 4 green Living, "Not only are these materials harmful when worn, but they can lead to health issues later down the line due to their pollution of our waterways." Washing and drying clothes in the machine can actually dirty the environment by breaking down and releasing microfibers.  Patagonia’s ongoing work investigating the complicated issue of ocean pollution from these tiny fibers, which commonly originate from synthetic textiles such as nylon, acrylic or polyester, is another reason to play it safe and natural.   If you want to dress up your spring closet with eco-approved apparel check out these brands: Amour Vert, Apiece Apart, Arkins, Bassike, Cossac, Elizabeth Suzanne, kowtow, Mara Hoffman, Older Brother, People Tree, Rachel Comey, Reve en Vert, Siizu, Susana Colina, Where Mountains Meet. Eileen Fisher. Article by Daisy Carlson Photo by Valerie Elash

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