On The Run

Running to work may keep you from running from work.

Run commuting can be a wonderful way to improve your lifestyle. We all know the benefits of running to improve your fitness and cardiovascular system as well as your waist line but you may not have thought of some other remarkable benefits. First of all, let’s look at the obvious benefits!

Running to work even part of the way will keep your mind and body more fit

Making a run part of your work routine, you give yourself an easy way to include fitness into your workday – reducing stress at the office as well as your risk of heart attacks, angina, high blood pressure or strokes.

Running to work will save you money

If transportation costs are even just $5 a day You will save a 100 dollars a month. Investing those annual savings of $1200 into your retirement and leaving it for 10 years would have that single year of running to work provide an extra $20,000 toward your retirement. The same could be said for four fitting that fancy cappuccino.

Running to work will reduce your Environmental Footprint and make your car last longer

When we don't drive we help the planet and our cars last a little longer. Running provides a win win win. This simple act not only reduces our environmental footprint while also improving our health and finances it has the added bonus of improving our dignity in retirement with some extra dosh.

Running helps you lose weight

We all need to lose a few pounds every now and again, and running is a fantastic way to help manage your weight. Fat can be hard to shift, but an average person can burn over 300 calories in a half an hour of running – burning more calories than almost any other form of exercise! so not only will you feel better you will save on doctors bills in the future as being overweight can cause over 50 different health problems.

Running can reduce stress

Running is excellent at reducing stress levels, bringing benefits to the mind as well as the body. Exercise has many proven benefits for mental health, and the chance to reflect.  Running to work will help you arrive at work – or at home – in a peaceful state of mind, and help you work out through running meditation some of life's complexities.

A run will make you feel awake and alert

You might think that exercise would leave you tired, drained and in need of a nap – but the reality is just the opposite! Running flushes the body with oxygen gets the heart pumping, and revitalizes every part of the body – including the brain.

Runners are often more successful at achieving their goals.

Running helps you clear your mind. It helps you “switch gears” more effectively and put your work worries or ideas out of your mind until the next day.

Running Improves the Quality of your Sleep

Giving your body a thorough workout and engaging your muscles helps them relax after. The physical stress of the workout leaves your body stronger, but in need of recovery time – otherwise known as sleep! Your brain knows that you need a good restful nights sleep to repair your muscles and strengthen your legs, and this translates into much higher quality sleep than you would have if you were not active.

Best of all workouts like running can improve your sex-life

A Harvard University study found that people between 40 and 60 years old who regularly exercise typically have the same amount of sex as non-athletes 20 years younger then them! It also found that male runners are more likely and are more able to achieve and maintain an erection, and those female runners are more easily aroused and have better orgasms! So Casanova and Vixens of the world, get a move on.

Running has a wide range of benefits that may keep you from running from your life but rather running for it.

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