Intersection of Mushroom and Pine

Cast Iron skillet olive oil or butter heated with sliced assorted mushrooms and Pine Nuts, need I say more. that with a glass of wine and you have dinner. Once I arrived in Paris and my dear friend Fiona who owns the fabulous fair-trade with panache shop Storie on 20 Rue de Lambre, took me to a nearby restaurant that only had mushrooms and wine on the menu, and yes it was memorably delicious. My recent foray into foraging with a squad of mycologists recruited by One Tam left a lot of color and interest in my mind as well as one line, “a little bit of tripping and a lot of dying”. You don’t want to forage without a very knowledgeable buddy with you. That day in January we found over 100 types of mushrooms of all shapes sizes and colors and none of them were edible. Not a single Chantarelle.