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Cool Hive aims to make the Planet Cooler with more style and less CO2.

The Cool Hive catalog provides shopping therapy for both you and the planet. Consuming less and reducing our CO2 while living a better quality of life is the goal. When you have to shop we are here to help make those choices be better for your health and the health of the environment. This carefully curated collection provides options for many aspects of your life. Each item helps to reduce your environmental footprint while increasing your style, health, and comfort. Almost everything in this catalog will ship free from Amazon Prime and is offered at the same price as Amazon prime items please ship items together to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Home delivery has a smaller footprint if you ship several items at once. UPS delivers packages to many houses with one truck rather than you driving around everywhere to purchase for yourself can be a carbon savings. Please enjoy these items selected to help you lower your carbon footprint and enhance your life with style, we do not take a commission on any of them. If you know of other great things that keep us in balance with the earth and life let us know. Every day we take a step in the right direction is a good day. Let us keep making these steps toward decarbonization so to achieve a life in harmony with nature. Namaste, Daisy

Catagories: Apparel, Baby, Bedding, Bees, Body, Bikes, Efficiency, Fitness, Food, Furniture, Garden, Honey, Jewelry, Kitchen, Laundry Men, Mom, Outdoors, Shoes, Stationery, Technology, Underwear, Yoga.

Cool Hive Across the lifestyle landscape.

This century’s challenge is to build a robust economy for a sustainable future. Long term success is derived from inclusive principles that support people and the planet. CoolHive provides a wide range of services to facilitate a well designed low-carbon future; products, marketing, collaboration tools, research, and lifestyle tips to balance your life and carbon footprint.

Less carbon, more life, cooler planet.

We are just recommending these products you must contact sellers directly.  We have curated this collection to help you reduce your negative environmental footprint.

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