Food Matters

Local, organic food is not only healthier for you, it is healthier for the planet. Cool Hive suggests a heart healthy, low carbon diet with less meat. One steak is the carbon equivalent to a tank of gas. Our Cool Kitchen has recipes, restaurant and food guides to help you.

Energy Matters

If American homes were 25% more efficient, it would be the equivalent to taking half of all the cars off the road.  Opt in to your electric company's renewable energy program. Change over to LED bulbs, insulate your windows, attic and water heater, as well as update your thermostat.

Transportation Matters

Your next car should be an electric car but in the meantime save money on gas by using shared ride services or carticipating with friends, family &  co-workers. Map errands so you can take fewer trips. These actions are social, save you money and help the environment, while also reducing traffic congestion and emissions.