How to Cure a Broken Heart

How to cure a broken heart or an affliction of Lovesickness? Do we work through our pining with poetry? Some say love is a kind of madness that will inevitably lead to a bit of suffering. When they asked Rumi, What is love? he said, " it is to continue to open your heart until it has been broken 10,000 times". So yes, you have to be brave and open up for the truth with bold acceptance and accept a little pain along the way. I have navigated my heart with more ease by employing the Italian phrase for, I love you...ti Voglio Bene, which literally translates as I want good for you. Loving others isn't always about getting what we want and is more often about giving what they want and if they don't want you then love them enough to walk away with your heart wide open to the surprising truth that life always has for you.Text by Daisy Carlson Photo by Dahiana Candelo on Unsplash

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