Have Carbon Emissions Peaked?

We may be at the horizon of a new age as there is some evidence that C02 emissions have already peaked in 49 countries.  China and India have a long road to hoe before their CO2 Emissions peak. Although there is a lot of work to do costs of new clean technologies are proving to be more cost effective and have a cascade of health and financial benefits so we may been in for a rare and pleasant surprise. There is some hope showing that we have the technical capacity, what we lack is the will and that is something all of us can contribute to and is picking up pace regardless of this administrations shananagens.

In the USA since 2007, the Power Sector’s carbon emissions have declined by 28%. Total U.S. carbon emissions from fossil fuels consumption seems to have peaked in 2007.  Eleven years in and we are looking at a whole new landscape of energy. The Electric Power Sector is been largest ‘direct’ contributor to Total U.S. carbon emissions since 1977 and they are deploying at an astounding rate new sources of cleaner energy. Primarily due to growth in U.S. Electric Power and Transportation Sectors’ between 1990-2007 total U.S. carbon emissions had increased by 19%. But since 2007 with increased efficiencies and the on boarding of effective clean energy solutions, that also decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, we have reduced our emissions. Ongoing strong government policy may still be necessary, but there are a lot of price signals that are facilitating the reduction of C02. California already produces about 30% of its energy from renewable resources. As clean energy is not only cheaper to buy, it also saves millions of dollars in health care costs, and reduces risks of international conflicts and builds self reliance. It protects the environment and our atmosphere so what is not to love about it. Fossil fuels on the other hand are out dated and antiquated. A big industry that is experience a technological shift but the shift seems to have an unstoppable momentum. Remember if you choose to forgo ride sharing and by a car your next car should be an electric car. Keep pushing for a clean energy economy. Article Daisy Carlson Photo by Dimitry Anikin

Carbon Facts from World Resource Institute