Love & Be Loved

Cool Hive Daily - What's Up Wednesday

Don't let your heart get away from you because of a holiday that is marketing an unattainable idea. By choosing to celebrate sustainably we make our love more sustainable and respecting the environment in this way deepens our respect in all of our relationships.  To love and be loved is really what it is all about, not an ad gimmick that sells love on a shelf.  This holiday has become a big sales opportunity with a huge environmental footprint so to reduce that footprint consider choosing a local bunch of flowers rather than those soulless flowers flown from Timbuktu covered in preservatives. If your getting engaged consider drawing down a bit of carbon with an engineered diamond or a Vintage gem. Making your own heartfelt gift for your special someone could add a bit of surprise. Take a walk under the stars and name one after yourselves, rather than purchasing a packaged idea of affection. Encountering our authentic selves with creative sentiments like this helps keep your thoughts and heart more focused on the things that matter most to you.  This vintage red dress in Rakicevic's photo surely made a big impact, although I could do without the balloon unless it is biodegradable of course. We are the creators of our affections, so don't let that piece of your heart be sold an idea that is not yours. Happy Valentines Day.

Text by Daisy Carlson. Photo by Rakicevic Nenad
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