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Turn the tide (1)

Turn the Tide

Earth Day is April 22, 2019

There are many ways to celebrate.

Many Earth Day Festivals have booths by non-profits providing information about environmental causes and solutions to pollution, transportation issues, health care, technology, and the environment, solar-powered stages by SolSolutions, and other topics relevant to leading a healthy and meaningful life in the modern age.


The True Cost of Carbon

An unregulated, free carbon economy, passes the buck on the true cost of fossil fuel use. If we ignore the cost of carbon, nature's currency, we are leaving it all as environmental debt to future generations, bankrupting ourselves while severely compromising global health. Demand a strong climate policy, innovation investment and a price on carbon. Resist the fossilized thinking of the fossil fuel industry and refuse to subsidize their coffers with your children's future.


Next Steps...

Keep the pressure on, keep exploring. Call your legislators, assembly people and tell them you want them to get laws passed to tax or price carbon. Do not be silent! Be active and defend your environmental rights.