Electric Assistance

Electric-assist mountain bikes add to your pedaling power and your fun on the road and trails. They are also great commuters that can be used all week long. Don’t want to be late for work add some medal to your pedal and you will get you to the office in a song. You will still get in shape but at a more reasonable pace. No more slogging it all the way up a mountain. Get out and have fun every day and drive less with electric assist bikes. Remember to be kind to the trails and don’t tear up the land this Gear Patrol article explains best practices. The laws are still be formed on this front so don’t reck it for the people who really need the assistance to get out in nature and stay on the trail and be respectful of other riders, hikers and the land itself. If you have the stamina to go up without assistance that may be the more respectful way to ride. (Photo from Gear Patrol)