Cool Money

Build prosperity in our communities by using banking and investment services delivered in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

Cool Banks

  • Beneficial Bank of Oakland​  
  • New Resource Bank 
  • RSF Capital Management
  • Sunrise bank 
  • Virginia Community Capital
  • Juhudi Kilimo ( Kenya )
  • Avante ( Brazil )
  • Finae Sapi de CV Sofom Er ( Mexico ) Student loans
  • Sarona Asset Management Inc ( Canada )

Cool Credit Cards
Beneficial State Bank  provides several credit options.
~ Choose Your Cause ensures that a percentage of every purchase made using the card furthers your mission. For example the Sierra Club’s mission to protect wild and scenic places for future generations.
~ Beneficial State Bank Visa Platinum (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee) supports this bank’s mission to lift up communities and preserve the environment in the Pacific Northwest.
~ Green America Visa (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee) supports Green America’s programs.
~ Redirect Visa (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee). For each purchase made with the card, a percentage of the interchange income is split between Beneficial State Bank and Sustainable Travel International. In addition to a conventional rewards program, the card also earns cardholders discounts at participating green businesses in the three regions with Redirect green business guides: Denver/Boulder/Ft.Collins, Portland/Vancouver, and Salt Lake City. Many of the businesses in the Redirect guide offer web and phone sales to other areas.

Cool Investment Companies

  • Trillium Asset Management
  • Natural Investments LLC
  • Imprint Capital
  • Veris Wealth Partners
  • Green Retirement Plans Inc
  • Impact First Investments ( Israel )
  • GEXSI GmbH ( Germany )
  • Australian Ethical Investment ( Australia )

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