Walk Away from Wall Street

By walking away from wall street we can build prosperity in our communities. Banking and investment services should be delivered in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. We can build inclusive markets that recognize the rights of nature by collectively insisting on it. Below is a list of socially conscious banks and investment services. I would like to build a "No Wall" Street of investment services as I think we know Walls are overrated.

Cool Banks

  • Beneficial Bank of Oakland  
  • New Resource Bank
  • RSF Capital Management
  • Sunrise bank
  • Virginia Community Capital
  • Juhudi Kilimo ( Kenya )
  • Avante ( Brazil )
  • Finae Sapi de CV Sofom Er ( Mexico ) Student loans
  • Sarona Asset Management Inc ( Canada )

Cool Credit Cards
Beneficial State Bank  provides several credit options.
~ Choose Your Cause ensures that a percentage of every purchase made using the card furthers your mission. For example the Sierra Club's mission to protect wild and scenic places for future generations.
~ Beneficial State Bank Visa Platinum (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee) supports this bank’s mission to lift up communities and preserve the environment in the Pacific Northwest.
~ Green America Visa (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee) supports Green America’s programs.
~ Redirect Visa (9.99-17.99% APR, no annual fee). For each purchase made with the card, a percentage of the interchange income is split between Beneficial State Bank and Sustainable Travel International. In addition to a conventional rewards program, the card also earns cardholders discounts at participating green businesses in the three regions with Redirect green business guides: Denver/Boulder/Ft.Collins, Portland/Vancouver, and Salt Lake City. Many of the businesses in the Redirect guide offer web and phone sales to other areas.

Cool Investment Companies

  • Trillium Asset Management
  • Natural Investments LLC
  • Imprint Capital
  • Veris Wealth Partners
  • Green Retirement Plans Inc
  • Impact First Investments ( Israel )
  • GEXSI GmbH ( Germany )
  • Australian Ethical Investment ( Australia )