Body, Mind & Spirit

Unwinding your past.

I love this labyrinth at lands end in San Francisco. I often visit it after seeing art at the Legion Of Honor. We can take care of our body by taking a hike to a special place like this and attend to our spirit by stopping and meditating in some way before turning back.  At this labyrinth you can do a walking meditation, I pick different things to focus on. Recently it was forgiveness. Walking in I couldn't get focussed but when I stepped out to return from the center I was overwhelmed with waves of love and forgiveness even for those who have hurt me. I was able to forgive them and liberate myself from some of the pain and anger that I was carrying around. It was as if a heavy weight was lifted and I have felt a lot freer since and my mind is more focussed. We can do more good when we feel good and this might help more of us feel good. Photo by Ashley Batz