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A few things we will be writing about/
Programable Thermostats provide up to 15% savings on home energy bills.  Try Nest thermostats

To Solar or not to Solar Passive can be powerful
Understanding Insulation Ratings Vacuum insulated panels have the highest R-value, approximately R-45 (in U.S. units) per inch; aerogel has the next highest R-value (about R-10 to R-30 per inch), followed by polyurethane (PUR) and phenolic foam insulations with R-7 per inch.
Energy Systems and Batteries  Cool Hives is building  a comprehensive list
LED lighting produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.
Leads  to LEED Resources 

Pre-fabulous Homes
Prefabricated homes tend to be highly energy efficient. Built off sight with tight seams and state-of-the-art windows that keep heat in and reduce your energy bills in the future. As a bonus, modular homes' tight construction has earned them a reputation for being able to withstand natural disasters. They are efficiently manufactured reducing material waste and cost. Pictured below is a Blu home.